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Utility Electrical Connector Supplier
Customer & Market Due Diligence Of Electrical Connector Supplier: Establishing OEM And Utility Demand Outlook

Conducted a 2-week customer & market due diligence to establish: (1) utility end-market dynamics/trends; (2) purchasing behavior in the utility end-market; (3) data center growth outlook; and (4) competitive dynamics in the electrical connector market. To this end, Gotham: conducted interviews and surveyed distributors, manufacturers’ reps, OEMs, contractors, and utilities; built a utility electric connector product map; established electrical connector competitive landscape; established data center growth outlook; and determined utility connector demand outlook. Our fact-based utility market and competitive dynamics assessment allowed our client to gain confidence in the target’s growth outlook and was able to successfully close the deal with confidence. 

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Test & Measurement Equipment Distributor
Customer & Market Due Diligence of Test & Measurement Equipment Distributor:  Assessing Channel Risks and Validating Growth Potential in Niche Specialty Distribution Market

Conducted OEM, Customer & Market Due Diligence to confirm continued industry shift to indirect channel, establish target’s competitive positioning, analyze rental business attractiveness, and explore adjacent market expansion opportunities. Created market sizing model to validate market size and growth prospects, conducted 50+ customer and OEM interviews, modeled financial impact of indirect channel on OEMs, and performed extensive research. Gotham’s 2-phasse due diligence effort enabled our client to win the auction and successfully complete the acquisition of target.

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