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About Us

What We Do

Gotham brings the diverse set of strategy, operations, finance, and digital expertise required to find, shape, and capitalize on opportunities that deliver targeted value to Private Equity firms and portfolio companies. Our value proposition has four key components:

  1. Augment our clients’ investment process in today's competitive deal market by providing an edge in the buying process:
    • Help create proprietary deal flow through our proprietary industry databases, macro trend analyses, and broad and deep market mapping.
    • Pin down market and competitive dynamics, create bottom-up market sizing models, and conduct senior-consultant-led interviews to validate growth opportunities and market position of target company, even in the most complex niche markets with limited readily- available information.
    • Rapidly uncover "hidden" opportunities and costly problems at target companies through robust numbers-driven cost and operations analysis leveraging data typically available in a data room, Senior Operating Partner-driven assessments of operations opportunities and risks (sales force, supply base, technology, management, and so on) develop operations end-vision and actionable plan to guide post-acquisition value creation.
    • Provide hard, reliable numbers for Private Equity models informing decisions on conviction to compete and aggressiveness of bids.

  2. Rapidly and significantly improve financial performance without compromising core capabilities:
    • Increase EBITDA, often by "quick-win" removal of cost and capture of top-line opportunities
    • Increase asset utilization and reduce working capital.

  3. Elevate existing capabilities to provide stability, increase flexibility, and build a solid foundation for growth:
    • Hone and strengthen business processes to improve customer service, maximize sales and marketing effectiveness, and optimize cost and inventory working capital performance
    • Create performance-driven organization aligned to and measured by a well-communicated set of business goals.

  4. Develop/acquire new capabilities designed to create sustainable competitive advantage and value capture moving forward:
    • Rapidly survey the industry landscape, jointly develop a vision and related goals, determine fact-based business requirements, define a strategic business case, and create an actionable work plan for moving forward in a pragmatic and expeditious manner
    • Work in partnership with clients during planning and execution to ensure full client ownership and rapid implementation of strategic initiatives.

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