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Distribution & Retail

Gotham's distribution & retail expertise ranges from establishing competitive positioning, to developing geographic, channel, and end-market expansion strategies, to optimizing category and supply chain management, to streamlining cost structure and operations. We work with a wide spectrum of distribution & retail companies, including:

  • Automotive Parts/ Products
  • Building & Construction Products
  • DSD/ Route-based Distributors
  • Electronic/ Electrical Products/Components
  • Equipment Rental
  • Food & Beverage Equipment
  • Medical Products
  • MRO Tools & Supplies
  • Off-road Vehicle Parts
  • Oil & Gas Products
  • Testing & Measurement
  • Uniforms
  • Apparel/ Fashion
  • Appliances
  • Auto Dealers/ Parts
  • Catalog/ Online Retailers
  • Food
  • Furniture & Interior Decor
  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Mobility Products
  • Party Supplies
  • Pet Supplies
  • Specialty Retailers
  • Sporting Goods/ Toys
Supplier of Synthetic Fiber for Nonwovens
Customer & Market Due Diligence Of Leading Supplier Of Synthetic Fiber For Nonwovens: Establishing Competitive Positioning/Margin Sustainability

Conducted a 2-phased customer & market due diligence to establish target's competitive positioning and margin sustainability. To this end, Gotham:  conducted 86 anonymous and “warm introduction” customer interviews; analyzed target’s customer base to establish where target competes within the synthetic fiber market; established target’s addressable market size/share and growth outlook in multiple end-markets; built a global synthetic fiber capacity and manufacturer-to-distributor product flow picture by fiber type, and profiled key manufacturers and distributors and established their market shares. Gotham’s assessment provided a comprehensive, fact-based view on the target’s competitive positioning, margin sustainability, and end-market growth outlook, allowing our client to successfully close the deal.

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Collision Repair Supplies Distributor
Customer & Market Due Diligence Of Collision Repair Supplies Distributor: Assessing Disintermediation And Margin Risks Amidst Downstream Consolidation

Conducted a 3-week customer & market due diligence to establish the collision repair market dynamics and to assess the risks associated with the collision repair shop consolidation trend. To this end, Gotham:  conducted 76 anonymous interviews with and collected 74 online surveys of collision repair shops owners, managers, and paint distributors to gain insights into collision repair dynamics, industry trends/outlook, and potential risk of collision shop switching paint manufacturers/distributors; interviewed insurance companies to understand their direct repair programs (DRPs); established the automotive refinish market size, growth rates, industry structure, and key relationship dynamics; identified the key MSO players and established their acquisition/growth trends; and profiled the collision repair paint distribution competitive landscape. Gotham’s assessment provided a fact-based, robust view on the target’s disintermediation and margin risks and confirmed an opportunity to build a national paint distribution business, allowing our client to successfully close the deal. 

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