Results by Industry:

Results by Capability:


Gotham’s overall role is to complement and augment the client deal or management team to create positive financial value/change through our analytical, problem-solving, operations, and broad and deep cross-industry expertise.

In working with private equity firms, we are:

  • Analytical and research specialists who pin down market dynamics, create market sizing models, and conduct interviews to validate growth opportunities and market position and perception of target company, even in the most complex niche markets with limited readily-available information
  • Operations experts who provide direct and fact-based insight into operations to validate and refine the investment thesis/bidding strategy
  • Catalysts for change who provide a fact-based assessment of opportunities to the management team even before the deal closes.

In working with portfolio company management teams, we are:

  • Analytical specialists who rapidly harvest and model required data to build an objective fact-base for tactical and strategic decision making
  • Operations experts and change agents for the CEO and operating management when tackling tough operational challenges
  • Effective communicators who create company commitment and buy-in to new ideas
  • Pragmatic, detailed planners and implementers who help management drive rapid capture of value in the investment time frame as measured and tracked against key investment goals
  • Trainers/educators who grow the company’s capabilities to sustain a fact-based management approach
  • Longer-term visionaries who craft the next-level value creation strategy to maximize exit valuation.