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Mission and Culture

Dedication to providing lasting financial results and capability growth that enhance the success of leading private equity firms and their portfolio companies

Our New York City-based firm was founded in 2001 with the belief that our performance is defined by the success of our clients. Achieving this success goes well beyond identifying operational opportunities and developing new strategies – we work with our clients to execute these improvements and strategies and leave behind meaningful and sustainable results and a platform for strong performance in the future.

At Gotham, our consultants tackle core management issues in a variety of situations – from helping an industrial manufacturer overcome cost challenges to aiding a consumer goods distributor meet its aggressive growth aspirations. Because Gotham’s contributions to our clients can span the entire private equity investment lifecycle, our consultants’ overall roles run the gamut from identifying investment opportunities to conducting due diligence to post-acquisition value creation.

Gotham consultants display the independence and versatility necessary to adapt rapidly to diverse industry environments and client needs. We nurture an open culture that supports value-adding entrepreneurial behaviors, enabling our consultants to be innovative and integral individual and collective contributors to both addressing our clients’ needs and shaping the direction of our own firm. Accordingly, we provide tools and mentorship to help our consultants grow their expertise and be full owners of their contributions, while always doing what is best for the client’s success. Our open culture is characterized by meritocracy and recognition of achievements – our consultants grow in position, responsibility, and reward in step with their performance.