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Case Studies

Gotham has worked with a wide array of clients in many industries and has developed an understanding of a broad range of operating practices. Gotham professionals have enabled our clients to take fresh approaches to managing their businesses, as well as work in new ways with strategic or tactical partners to design and manage processes that extend across traditional corporate boundaries.

In our due diligence assignments, we identify hidden EBITDA and working capital opportunities, create a clear picture of operations, market opportunities, and customer perception of the target, and discover potential issues with the investment, enabling our clients to win auctions, avoid “bad deals”, and create proactive plans for operating value creation post-deal-closure.

In our portfolio company assignments, we quickly dissect the company’s market, business, and operations and generate a focused, actionable plan that is owned by the management team. Often, we continue on to assist the management team in implementing the plan – results are typically visible within 4 to 8 weeks. We deliver high quality results in a very expeditious and affordable manner, with cost reductions of 15-20+% and inventory reductions of 25-30+%.

The following examples are representative of how Gotham professionals have partnered with clients:

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