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Case # 161

Direct Marketing Services Company:  Conducted a 5-week operations diagnostic of a recently acquired portfolio company to identify cost reduction opportunities and establish organizational and operations end-visions. Gotham undertook an extensive analytic effort to reconcile and align data from 3 separate, independently operating systems corresponding to each business unit and create in-depth profiles of purchasing spend and labor efficiency. We also identified opportunities to improve salesforce effectiveness, including salesforce restructuring and a new compensation system. Finally, working with management, Gotham developed a “One Company” organizational structure to eliminate disconnect and facilitate savings opportunity capture within and among the 3 business units. Following the diagnostic, management launched efforts to capture these opportunities, which were expected to improve the company’s EBITDA margins by 6+ percentage points.

Case # 158

Residential And Commercial Plumbing And Drain Cleaning Services:  Conducted 4-week customer & market due diligence to:  (1) validate defensibility of target’s residential business; (2) establish/confirm growth opportunity in the commercial business; and (3) validate the opportunity to expand into the water damage restoration market. Gotham undertook an exhaustive fact-based approach:  consumer panel and customer surveys; commercial customer surveys and interviews across 11 end-markets; deep-dive analysis of several years of job-level data; and detailed competitive landscapes in each of the target’s territories. Gotham’s fact-based conclusions allowed our client to gain confidence in defensibility of the target’s market position and viability of its growth plan leading to the successful close of the transaction.       

Case # 157

Municipal/Utility Wastewater Infrastructure Inspection, Cleaning, and Repair Services:  Conducted 4-week customer and market due diligence to:  (1) establish municipal budget outlook; (2) establish market size and growth outlook for wastewater infrastructure services;  and (3) understand the target’s competitive positioning. The effort included:  124 interviews with municipal and utility officials; in-depth research of environmental regulations; top-down/bottom-up municipal budget analysis; and creation of 3 bottom-up marketing sizing models. Gotham’s comprehensive, fact-based approach verified that the target’s aggressive growth plans were realistic and the target had established a strong reputation with its customers. This allowed our PE client to gain confidence in the target’s ability to meet its revenue plan and move forward with the acquisition.      

Case # 149

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Services Firm:  Conducted a 6-week operations assessment to turn around the company’s margin performance and position it for a successful exit in 2-3 years’ time. Analyzed historical project and employee utilization performance; developed target staffing leverage model; and created target business development model to improve efficiency of business development effort while driving profitable revenue growth. Our detailed assessment gave our client a solid understanding and roadmap of the levers to achieve the target margin performance (5-7% points growth); client requested Gotham to provide ongoing support through quarterly performance audits.

Case # 148

PE-Owned Entrepreneurial Staffing Company:  Conducted a 4-week operations assessment to establish levers to turn around the company’s EBITDA margin performance: 1) dissected the company’s cost and job performance, by cleaning/reconciling raw data from disjointed staffing and ERP software systems, mapping detailed general ledger costs to jobs, and creating job profitability profiles; 2) redesigned sales and recruiting commission structure for a 25% improvement in EBITDA; and 3) developed robust KPI-based reports required for managing cost and profitability moving forward.

Case # 146

Corporate Carve-Out Testing Services Provider:  Conducted a 4-week operational due diligence to: 1) identify and quantify facility consolidation and other synergies; 2) determine cost additions and operations improvement opportunities; and 3) establish current asset and labor utilization. Gotham worked hand-in-hand with our client to build a comprehensive and reliable cost and capacity fact base, conducted detailed tours of all the facilities, assessed several site consolidation options, and benchmarked operational metrics across the 2 companies. Gotham’s due diligence findings allowed our client to confidently proceed with the transaction; client is already capturing synergies identified during the due diligence.  

Case # 145

Multi-Location Product Testing Services Provider:  Conducted 2-week operational due diligence to validate margin improvement opportunities and assess capacity/CapEx risk. Gotham visited 7 facilities and conducted full-day operations review with management to understand operations management approach/processes and visions/plans moving forward. To fill gaps in this data poor situation, we performed various in-depth analyses – recasting labor cost structure, analyzing job-level data to understand profitability, building a bottom-up labor utilization and fixed cost model to project margins with revenue growth, etc.  Gotham’s due diligence work enabled our client to move forward with confidence and successfully acquire target in a proprietary deal.  

Case # 143

Electric Utility Outsourced Services Company:  Conducted 4-week phased customer & market due diligence to evaluate revenue and margin sustainability risk vis-à-vis the target’s core business and assess geographic expansion opportunities required to create a super-regional player. Developed bottom-up CapEx and Operations & Maintenance spend model of 25 key utilities, including 10-year projections; interviewed 30+ key stakeholders at the target’s top customers and potential customers; conducted detailed analysis of the target’s jobs database and forecast; and conducted extensive primary and secondary research. Based on Gotham’s findings, our PE client significantly revised down their bid and was able to secure the target at a more favorable valuation, with a top-level expansion strategy in-hand.

Case # 142

Upstream Oil & Gas Protective Solutions Provider:  Conducted 4-week customer & market due diligence to:  (1) establish outlook for North America oil & gas drilling; (2) estimate market size and growth for new and reconditioned protective products; and (3) evaluate target’s competitive positioning. For this effort, Gotham interviewed 150+ customers and competitors, leveraged our proprietary industry knowledge base, performed extensive primary and secondary research to pin down oil & gas drilling dynamics, and developed a detailed bottom-up model for market sizing and growth. As a result of Gotham’s findings, our client confidently pursued and closed the transaction.

Case # 141

Consumer Life Events Services Company:  Conducted 3-week customer & market due diligence to:  determine consumer buying behavior in target’s core operating segments; validate target’s competitive positioning in mall-based segment; and identify/assess potential end-market expansion opportunities. To analyze each of target’s 3 core segments, we:  1) surveyed a panel of 1,500 consumers; 2) conducted 30+ anonymous interviews with key decision-makers at top customers and potential customers; and 3) performed extensive primary and secondary research. Based on our findings, our PE client was able to prepare an appropriately valued bid.

Case # 139

Consumer Electronic Device Provider:  Established feasibility of multi-brand strategy to support a transformative add-on acquisition, created company’s domestic and international growth strategy to position the company for a successful exit in 18-24 months, and developed an actionable strategic plan.  Effort included:  interviewing 160+ government officials, competitors, consumer/influencers, and other industry participants; researching market, competitive, and regulatory dynamics; building robust state-by-state market size/growth and cannibalization models; and developing multi-brand, Canada entry, and product line expansion strategies. Gotham’s assessment and recommendations allowed the client to move forward with the add-on acquisition and enter Canada, as well as start executing near-term aspects of growth plans to set stage for exit.

Case # 137

Analytics Outsourcing Company:  Conducted competitive due diligence to pin down nature of current and new competition, including  product- vs. service-focused, lower-end  vs. higher-end analytics offerings, and on- vs. off-shore delivery models. Conducted extensive, hour-long interviews to gain a clear understanding of an increasingly crowded competitive field, allowing our PE client to understand critical industry/competitive dynamics and proceed with an appropriate bid.  

Case # 131

$1B Automotive Parts Distributor:  Built solid fact base of market and competitive dynamics in the outsourced automotive service in order to pin down the growth opportunity in this segment. Analyzed key industry data, interviewed 100+ independent service centers, assessed competitive landscape, and modeled economics to establish market attractiveness and growth potential, including key demand drivers/trends, business synergies/risks, competitive positioning, and size/profitability of future network. Gotham’s exit preparation and positioning allowed the company and its investors to paint a clear picture of the source of the next leg of growth and sell the company at a rich valuation.

Case # 130

$200MM Fluid Power Equipment Repair & Remanufacturing Company:  Conducted customer & market due diligence to validate adjacent market growth opportunities, including offshore oil & gas, forestry, marine, and civil infrastructure and other end-markets under consideration. Interviewed 150+ competitors, customers, prime contractors, and other key value chain participants, researched complex technical requirements, and leveraged government and industry data to develop a robust fact base, including size/growth models for each end-market, geographic gap analysis, and profiles of key competitors/potential acquisition targets. Based on Gotham’s findings and recommended expansion strategy, PE client closed the deal and is pursuing an acquisition to fill a key geographic gap.

Case # 125

Heavy Equipment Rental Company:  Identified $6.4MM in quick-win EBITDA improvement opportunity in rental, parts, and services businesses by analyzing the company’s revenue drivers, cost structure, and equipment utilization. Working with management, developed a detailed 6-month implementation plan to enable rapid capture of operational improvement opportunities and to establish long-term strategic initiatives to drive top- and bottom-line growth. Management is successfully implementing value creation plan and, within 3 months, has already captured $3MM in EBITDA improvements (vs. same quarter in previous year).

Case # 120

Specialty Engineering Consulting Firm:  Conducted Customer & Market Due Diligence for Midwestern PE client to sort through target’s complex market dynamics, validate its competitive positioning, establish the criteria driving customer buying behavior, and provide clarity on growth opportunities moving forward. Profiled over 180 competitors, interviewed 60+ customers, and conducted extensive secondary research on market dynamics to provide PE client with a clear picture of in-going growth opportunities. Client proceeded with the acquisition based on Gotham’s findings.

Case # 119

Entrepreneurial Specialty Engineering Services Firm:  Conducted operational due diligence to assess the firm’s prospect-to-cash cycle processes and establish a revenue forecasting approach. Our effort included:  building a robust fact base of the company’s cost and operational performance using data from ERP and offline database; mapping and assessing sales & marketing, revenue generation, and people management processes; and visiting/interviewing management across multiple offices.  Gotham provided an explicit top-level operations end-vision and value creation plan bolstering the company’s ability to support growth, giving our client the necessary confidence to successfully complete negotiations. 

Case # 109

$20MM Healthcare Services Provider: Conducted customer interviews and market research to validate company’s business model of providing outsourced services to the healthcare industry. Effort included interviewing (unsolicited) 55 current and potential customers, researching professional background requirements, regulatory environment, payer dynamics, customer willingness to outsource, and competitive landscape to establish market dynamics; and building a bottom-up market sizing model for this early-stage outsourcing market.

Case # 82

$120MM PE-Owned Energy Services Provider: Conducted customer interviews and market research to validate company’s business model of providing outsourced services to the energy industry. Effort included interviewing (unsolicited) 84 current and potential customers, researching 5 product families and 7 industry sectors to establish service requirements, and building bottom-up market sizing model for this early stage outsourcing market. PE client ($9+B under management) purchased the company and able to increase the top-line by 50% within the first year.

Case # 69

PE Owned Research Service Provider: Developed a detailed post-merger integration and communication plan that identified and prioritized post-merger integration requirements as pre-deal, 100-day, and post-100-day, and identified the integration team with assigned responsibilities for key integration priorities. The effort included establishing the target end-vision of the combined company and determining post-merger integration requirements through a thorough assessment of current situation at both companies.

Case # 28

Fortune 500 Real Estate Lender: Performed objective assessment of competitive strengths against industry trends and competitive offerings. Study conclusions led to sale of $80B mortgage servicing portfolio. Team received excellence award from CEO of company for contributions.

Case # 20

Major European Bank: Created tactical plan for radically reducing the cost of US Dollar clearing and NY branch funds transfer operations. Focused on treasury functions of money market and foreign exchange, from front office deal origination to back office booking, and SWIFT message generation to FTR CHIPS/FED execution. Outsourcing resulted in $1.5M in administrative overhead savings, higher service levels, and significantly reduced risk.

Case # 15

Speeding Product Repair: New Pricing Strategy And Repair Center Shop-Floor Cost Savings At RadioInc.

Worldwide Electronics Company: Facilitated strategic realignment of the subcontracted radio service business by creating a financial tool set to calculate economically optimal negotiation strategies. Led the corporate team through first-round execution of the national program.

Case # 14

Generating Top-line Growth Through Improved Customer Service: Helping MortgageCo Leverage Customer Data To Tailor Services

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company: Developed customer acquisition and retention strategy utilizing tiered service delivery mapped to relationship type, profitability, and degree of value added across mortgage products. Created a methodology for linking customer information from several separate databases and maintaining accurate and actionable customer profiles.