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Retail And Distribution

Case # 177


Family-Owned In-Store Bakery Supplier:  Conducted a 2-phased due diligence to: (1) determine the penetration levels and conversion opportunity of the target’s bakery supply products; (2) establish the retail bakery market dynamics; and (3) establish the target’s growth potential. Gotham conducted: a Phase I consumer panel survey of 1,116 consumers to validate ingoing thesis on consumer penetration opportunity; a Phase II survey of 2,233 consumers to establish buying behavior and test potential concepts for driving consumer conversion. We also interviewed 37 retailer bakery executives/category buyers and surveyed 276 in-story bakery employees to establish their decision-making criteria, plans for the category, and requirements for growth, and modeled a complex market size matrix for 34 occasions and 7 product types to estimate the current penetration of the company's products and establish whitespace and conversion opportunities. These fact-based, actionable insights and reliable numbers gave the client the conviction needed to win this hotly contested auction.


Case # 162


National Coffee Roaster And Distributor: Conducted 2-week operations assessment of target to establish initial read on cost reduction opportunities. Despite limited access to the target’s management, plants, and operations data, Gotham was able to create a clear picture of the target’s cost structure in both operations and its DSD network. While the cost reduction opportunities needed to achieve our client’s financial target did exist, capturing those savings posed significant culture and business strategy challenges. Given the high valuation of the target and the significant hurdles standing in the way of savings, the client leveraged our work to make a fact-based decision at the early stage of the process to exit the auction process.  


Case # 153


Off-Road Vehicle Aftermarket Parts Supplier:  Conducted customer & market due diligence to establish the aftermarket parts market size/growth for key end-markets, identify potential threats from OEMs/distributors, and understand the eCommerce growth opportunity in an information-poor market:  1) conducted over 200 interviews with decision-makers at major OEMs, distributors, dealers, repair centers, and retailers; 2) established off-road vehicle aftermarket part market size/growth; 3) quantified channel-specific market trends by analyzing the target’s sales by distribution channel at the SKU level; and 4) established the competitive landscape at each step of the value chain by profiling major OEMs and distributors in the powersports, agriculture, and lawn and garden markets. Gotham’s intensive primary research and analytical effort provided a nuanced understanding of the market outlook and clarified threats/opportunities, thus allowing the client to make a well informed bid in a highly competitive auction.    


Case # 147


Specialty Electronics Component Supplier:  Built a solid fact-base of company sales, market position, and competitive dynamics by analyzing 7 years of customer sales/customer data, conducting 170 interviews and 1,900 online surveys of customers/prospects, and building a bottom-up market sizing model. Established company’s position as a niche leader using an original use-based segmentation based on customers’ component needs across the product life cycle. Developed a multi-pronged growth strategy to achieve 14% CAGR growth (vs. 6% overall market growth) by leveraging company’s end-market presence and In Operations segment strength. Gotham also analyzed the impact of pricing on volume and established end-market mix, not pricing, was the driver of recent decreasing flagship catalog brand sales volume. Gotham’s work allowed management to position the company as a niche leader and to begin implementing a credible growth strategy to prepare for a successful eventual exit.


Case # 144


Family-Owned Dry Ice Manufacturer:  Conducted 2-week operational due diligence to pin down capacity and CapEx situation, and to identify margin improvement opportunities in manufacturing, distribution, and branch operations ahead of a competitive auction bid. Created plant-specific profiles of 150+ pieces of production equipment and determined target had ample capacity for growth with minimal replacement CapEx risk. Analyzed and reconciled financial data from the target’s ~100 P&Ls and reallocated costs to establish true operational costs and production and distribution cost benchmarks across plants, branches, and routes and identified up to $6MM in margin improvement opportunities through disciplined distribution and pricing practices. Gotham’s due diligence enabled our client to move forward with a competitive bid. 


Case # 139


Consumer Electronic Device Provider:  Established feasibility of multi-brand strategy to support a transformative add-on acquisition, created company’s domestic and international growth strategy to position the company for a successful exit in 18-24 months, and developed an actionable strategic plan.  Effort included:  interviewing 160+ government officials, competitors, consumer/influencers, and other industry participants; researching market, competitive, and regulatory dynamics; building robust state-by-state market size/growth and cannibalization models; and developing multi-brand, Canada entry, and product line expansion strategies. Gotham’s assessment and recommendations allowed the client to move forward with the add-on acquisition and enter Canada, as well as start executing near-term aspects of growth plans to set stage for exit.


Case # 138


Regional Family-Owned Coffee Roaster And Distributor:  Conducted a 3-week operational due diligence to establish a robust fact base of cost and operational performance in a data-poor situation, identify consolidation opportunities, and provide a fact-based, actionable plan for post-acquisition value creation, including:  delivery and service route optimization to eliminate 30-40% of current routes; brewing equipment CapEx reduction through better deployment of used equipment; warehouse consolidation; sourcing efficiencies; SKU complexity management and inventory reduction; and professionalization of roasting and supply chain operations. Gotham’s findings enabled the client to close the transaction with confidence; the company started capturing identified opportunities within a few weeks of the deal closure. 


Case # 132


Entrepreneurial Specialty Online Sporting Goods Retailer:  Conduct a 2-week market study to establish product and user profiles, market drivers and trends, competitive landscape, and channel dynamics, as well as to build a market size model establishing historical and projected market growth rates. Gotham undertook a bottom-up approach to analyze this niche market with no available market data, including: extensive secondary research; ~50 interviews with retail stores and industry experts; consumer surveys; and creation of 3 market sizing models. By enabling the client’s offering materials to show attractive growth prospects, the company was sold to a private buyer at an attractive valuation.


Case # 131


$1B Automotive Parts Distributor:  Built solid fact base of market and competitive dynamics in the outsourced automotive service in order to pin down the growth opportunity in this segment. Analyzed key industry data, interviewed 100+ independent service centers, assessed competitive landscape, and modeled economics to establish market attractiveness and growth potential, including key demand drivers/trends, business synergies/risks, competitive positioning, and size/profitability of future network. Gotham’s exit preparation and positioning allowed the company and its investors to paint a clear picture of the source of the next leg of growth and sell the company at a rich valuation.


Case # 128


Test & Measurement Equipment Distributor:  Conducted OEM, Customer & Market Due Diligence to confirm continued industry shift to indirect channel, establish target’s competitive positioning, analyze rental business attractiveness, and explore adjacent market expansion opportunities. Created market sizing model to validate market size and growth prospects, conducted 50+ customer and OEM interviews, modeled financial impact of indirect channel on OEMs, and performed extensive research. Gotham’s 2-phasse due diligence effort enabled our client to win the auction and successfully complete the acquisition of target.


Case # 127


$1B Distributor Of Trucking Products:  Conducted Market Due Diligence to evaluate the economic attractiveness of client’s geographic expansion plan for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. For each state:  Gotham profiled its economy; identified sector-specific trends and drivers; established state business and regulatory environment; built a robust forecast model of industry-sector-specific GDP and employment; established the relationship between economic activity and the trucking sector; analyzed the historical flow of commodities by transport mode, inbound/outbound destination, and type of product moved; and built model-based forecast of sector-specific trucking activity over the next 5 years. Gotham’s validation of the macro-economic prospects of the 3 states gave the client confidence to pursue its plan. 


Case # 125


Heavy Equipment Rental Company:  Identified $6.4MM in quick-win EBITDA improvement opportunity in rental, parts, and services businesses by analyzing the company’s revenue drivers, cost structure, and equipment utilization. Working with management, developed a detailed 6-month implementation plan to enable rapid capture of operational improvement opportunities and to establish long-term strategic initiatives to drive top- and bottom-line growth. Management is successfully implementing value creation plan and, within 3 months, has already captured $3MM in EBITDA improvements (vs. same quarter in previous year).


Case # 113


$700MM Distributor Of Trucking Products:  Conducted market research and economic assessment of the state of Michigan to validate the geographic market entry strategy of a leading distributor of trucking products evaluating a $30MM add-on acquisition.  Effort included a robust profile of the state’s economy, including a 5-year industry-level projection/modeling of state GDP and employment, and a detailed analysis of the state’s business and regulatory environment.  Client proceeded with acquisition based on projected near-term growth estimates.


Case # 111


$1B+ Manufacturer And Distributor Of Building Products:  Built model to establish potential number of locations based on addressable market, growth potential, and competition in each of 361 U.S. MSAs. Identified and prioritized 200 additional retail locations for expansion.


Case # 108


$35MM Flow Controls Products Distributor Serving The Oil & Gas Industry:  Developed growth strategy and identified levers to triple revenue in 3-5 years. Developed detailed prioritized plans to implement the new strategy. Created sales force effectiveness plan to professionalize inside sales and develop outside sales force.


Case # 100


$700+MM Catalog Company: Put in place necessary fact base and analytical processes to enable proper pricing decisions in a market with distinct-price thresholds. Created pricing guidelines and robust pricing process. Immediately applied to reprice 1,100 items, with a projected margin increase of $1.3MM.


Case # 99


$700+MM Catalog Company: Created robust planning and forecasting process to enable merchandisers to better plan their assortment for the next 5 quarters. Effort included building a bottom-up planning tool to create the merchandising plan, designing an excellent process for reconciliation of the top-down financial plan with the bottom-up plan, and creating a rolling 12-month planning process to replace the company's annual one-time process. After pilot testing in one department, new planning and forecasting process being rolled out and used for upcoming FY.


Case # 98


$700+MM Catalog Company: Worked with the senior merchandising team to develop capabilities and strategies for all key elements that constitute strategic merchandising -- assortment strategy, new product introduction, catalog/web placement strategy, product lifecycle strategy, and pricing strategy. With strategic approach, CatalogCo now meeting SKU targets, properly planning media placement, and able to identify and fill gaps in assortment.


Case # 97


$700+MM Catalog Company: Led effort to optimize 45,000 active SKU assortment, which yielded ~$7MM in cost savings. Reclassified 45,000 SKUs into approximately 500 classes of merchandise to align with how merchandisers thought about products. Developed reporting to review performance over time, by price point, by occasion, by performance, etc. Optimized assortment by class to eliminate poor-performing items and reduce cannibalization. Adjusted pricing to ensure competitive pricing and proper mix by price point. Determined most efficient catalog and web placement.


Case # 96


$700+MM Catalog Company: Led transformation of merchandising group from item-pickers for catalogs to fact-based multi-channel category managers. Started with assortment optimization, quickly yielding ~$7MM in savings. Then developed processes for all key elements of strategic merchandising and supporting planning and reporting tools. Transformation has positioned CatalogCo to grow top-line and EBITDA via fact-based precision and a new agility in new product, placement, and ad-spend decision-making.


Case # 93


Leading Fashion Accessory Importer: Analyzed air freight cost from Asia to identify $3-5MM (32-49%) in cost reduction opportunities from: (1) tighter management of air shipments (including invoice auditing, formal RFP process to find a new freight forwarder, and reduced rush shipments of products and components); and (2) selective migration to container shipments. Helped client capture the opportunities, including auditing past freight bills to discover 13% chargeable weight discrepancy and executing the RFP process to find a new freight forwarder, resulting in a 31% reduction in freight cost. As per our recommendation, Client hired a VP of supply chain to spearhead capture of further savings via continued development of robust processes and migration of increasing amount of freight to sea. A year after Gotham left, FashionCo had dramatically lowered its inbound freight costs and migrated a significant portion of shipments to containers.


Case # 86


$700+MM PE-Owned Direct Marketing Company: Developed strategies to optimize inventory to leverage new scale to deliver $20+MM (~25%) in inventory reduction. Analyzed historical demand/inventory to create segmented inventory strategies (e.g., buying closer to demand, everyday item replenishment, new item demand forecasting). Built a tool to assist with everyday inventory replenishment. Turns improved from 1.76 to 2.15 and peak inventory reduced by $10MM.


Case # 85


$700+MM PE-Owned Direct Marketing Company: Helped build strategic sourcing capabilities by migrating sourcing responsibilities from merchandising to a dedicated sourcing team and developing detailed sourcing processes, including quote management, vendor management, and quality management. To help efficiently manage sourcing, also crafted an Asia Sourcing Office business case that was approved by the board.


Case # 84


$700+MM PE-Owned Direct Marketing Company: Helped management consolidate China base of 1,700+ factories and capture cost savings ($8.7MM, 12% in sourcing savings). 5 phase effort included creating the bid package, supporting the bidding process, building a quote evaluation tool, and awarding the business. Returned 6 months later to help management diagnose/respond to price increases driven by macro factors (e.g., Chinese currency appreciation, elimination of Chinese export tax rebate, commodity price increases, and new quality/factory inspection requirements).


Case # 71


$40MM Online Clothing Distributor:  Modeled the warehouse, outbound freight, inventory, and inbound freight cost structures of a 3rd-party logistics company in the midst of contract renegotiations and a move to a new warehouse. Identified $1.3MM in financial exposure and weaknesses in contracted outbound freight pricing which drove operational instability, resulting in a 22% reduction in the acquisition price.


Case # 70


$700+MM PE-Owned Direct Marketing Company: Identified $14-29MM in relatively easily achievable savings (sourcing, freight, and catalog opportunities, along with a $26-37MM potential from inventory reduction), which collectively far exceeded management projections. Due diligence scope included China sourcing costs, outbound freight, catalog printing/mailing costs, call center operations, warehousing and inventory. Client, a mega-PE firm, won this hotly-contested auction. After deal closure, helped management team capture identified opportunities.


Case # 13


North American Luxury Chocolate Company: Developed a new customer service/logistics strategy for effectively distributing high-value, perishable products to 250 company-owned stores and 5,000 DSD customers. Developed and executed 3 pilot tests that demonstrated significant improvements: 100% improvement in retail delivery performance; successful direct fulfillment of retail corporate orders; 10% reduction in inventory costs; very satisfied wholesale customers.