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Post-Merger Integration

Case # 161

Direct Marketing Services Company:  Conducted a 5-week operations diagnostic of a recently acquired portfolio company to identify cost reduction opportunities and establish organizational and operations end-visions. Gotham undertook an extensive analytic effort to reconcile and align data from 3 separate, independently operating systems corresponding to each business unit and create in-depth profiles of purchasing spend and labor efficiency. We also identified opportunities to improve salesforce effectiveness, including salesforce restructuring and a new compensation system. Finally, working with management, Gotham developed a “One Company” organizational structure to eliminate disconnect and facilitate savings opportunity capture within and among the 3 business units. Following the diagnostic, management launched efforts to capture these opportunities, which were expected to improve the company’s EBITDA margins by 6+ percentage points.

Case # 146

Corporate Carve-Out Testing Services Provider:  Conducted a 4-week operational due diligence to: 1) identify and quantify facility consolidation and other synergies; 2) determine cost additions and operations improvement opportunities; and 3) establish current asset and labor utilization. Gotham worked hand-in-hand with our client to build a comprehensive and reliable cost and capacity fact base, conducted detailed tours of all the facilities, assessed several site consolidation options, and benchmarked operational metrics across the 2 companies. Gotham’s due diligence findings allowed our client to confidently proceed with the transaction; client is already capturing synergies identified during the due diligence.  

Case # 69

PE Owned Research Service Provider: Developed a detailed post-merger integration and communication plan that identified and prioritized post-merger integration requirements as pre-deal, 100-day, and post-100-day, and identified the integration team with assigned responsibilities for key integration priorities. The effort included establishing the target end-vision of the combined company and determining post-merger integration requirements through a thorough assessment of current situation at both companies.

Case # 65

$50MM Household Cleaning And Scented Products Manufacturer:  Conducted 1-week opportunity assessment for inventory, labor, material, freight, distribution, and overhead costs from both standalone and synergistic perspective. Identified $3-4MM in cost reduction opportunities and $4-5MM in inventory reduction opportunities. Client acquired the company and merged it with a portfolio consumer goods company. Subsequently, assisted in capturing $4-5MM in inventory and $2MM in freight savings at this growing company which became one of the largest suppliers to big box retailers.

Case # 62

Private Equity Portfolio Consumer Goods Manufacturer: In an auction situation, conducted Operational Due Diligence to identify EBITDA and working capital opportunities for a company with China sourcing, domestic manufacturing, and both mass-merchandiser and specialty retailer distribution. Enabled auction win with identified savings of $4-11MM in EBITDA and $13-23MM in working capital.

Case # 61

Private Equity Portfolio Sporting Goods Manufacturer: Assisted 4 client teams and trained client personnel during a post-merger replenishment system enhancement and inventory reduction effort. Developed a centralized inventory and planning model by merging information from 2 separate operating entities. Achieved $8+MM reduction in inventory in 9 months.

Case # 60

Private Equity Owned Industrial Products Manufacturer: Created business case and closure plan for consolidation of 2 facilities (located within 6 hours drive) as part of worldwide sourcing strategy. Total COGS, overhead and SG&A cost-savings from the consolidation are estimated at $6MM, while one-time costs are estimated at $8MM. In addition, over 50% of key personnel decided to stay on and move to the other facility.

Case # 59

Private Equity Owned National Seafood Company: Conducted a diagnostic to reduce distribution costs as a part of an effort to integrate the distribution systems of two companies by identifying and sizing cost levers with savings benefits (quick hits, process changes, and cultural changes). Targeted cost savings of $1.5 to 2MM on a base of $7MM, of which $1MM are estimated to be achieved by quick hits alone.

Case # 30

Global Manufacturer Of Industrial Goods: Developed a worldwide sourcing strategy for an industrial goods rollup company. Plans included the closure of 3 plants, consolidation of NA automation to single facility, migration of low-value assembly to Mexico and movement of electronic assembly to Southeast Asia. Total run-rate savings from the project are estimated at $20MM on a total cost basis of approx. $200MM.

Case # 20

Major European Bank: Created tactical plan for radically reducing the cost of US Dollar clearing and NY branch funds transfer operations. Focused on treasury functions of money market and foreign exchange, from front office deal origination to back office booking, and SWIFT message generation to FTR CHIPS/FED execution. Outsourcing resulted in $1.5M in administrative overhead savings, higher service levels, and significantly reduced risk.

Case # 5

Global Manufacturer Of Industrial Goods: Worked with senior business unit management to develop and implement manufacturing overhead and G&A savings recommendations across NA network. Established a zero-based organizational structure and cross-business unit management efficiency metrics for assessment purposes. First-year run-rate savings were $8.1MM, an additional $2.1MM of savings were targeted.