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Packaging and Printing

Case # 161

Direct Marketing Services Company:  Conducted a 5-week operations diagnostic of a recently acquired portfolio company to identify cost reduction opportunities and establish organizational and operations end-visions. Gotham undertook an extensive analytic effort to reconcile and align data from 3 separate, independently operating systems corresponding to each business unit and create in-depth profiles of purchasing spend and labor efficiency. We also identified opportunities to improve salesforce effectiveness, including salesforce restructuring and a new compensation system. Finally, working with management, Gotham developed a “One Company” organizational structure to eliminate disconnect and facilitate savings opportunity capture within and among the 3 business units. Following the diagnostic, management launched efforts to capture these opportunities, which were expected to improve the company’s EBITDA margins by 6+ percentage points.

Case # 154

Family-Owned Flexible Packaging And Labeling Converter:  Conducted rapid, focused customer & market due diligence to:  1) evaluate market dynamics, leveraging our proprietary knowledge base to establish market size, segmentation, and trends by packaging/label type, end-market, and material type; 2) determine strength of customer relationships by interviewing major customers after addressing management’s sensitivities regarding customer contact; 3) establish competitive landscape by leveraging our proprietary database of flexible packaging and labeling companies and by interviewing additional small direct, local competitors; and 4) evaluate target’s exposure to plastic resin price volatility by reviewing target’s vendor/customer agreements and analyzing purchasing/sales data to demonstrate the effectiveness of informal price adjustment mechanisms. Gotham’s rapid assessment of market dynamics, customer relationships, the competitive landscape, and commodity price risk gave our client the confidence to provide the necessary capital to complete the acquisition.    

Case # 142

Upstream Oil & Gas Protective Solutions Provider:  Conducted 4-week customer & market due diligence to:  (1) establish outlook for North America oil & gas drilling; (2) estimate market size and growth for new and reconditioned protective products; and (3) evaluate target’s competitive positioning. For this effort, Gotham interviewed 150+ customers and competitors, leveraged our proprietary industry knowledge base, performed extensive primary and secondary research to pin down oil & gas drilling dynamics, and developed a detailed bottom-up model for market sizing and growth. As a result of Gotham’s findings, our client confidently pursued and closed the transaction.

Case # 136

Snack Foods Flexible Packaging Converter:  Conducted 4-week customer & market due diligence to evaluate:  competitive risks from large converters; potentially high CapEx requirements; and target’s reliance on 9 key accounts for almost all of projected growth. Interviewed 50+ key competitors, snack foods customer brand and packaging managers, and printing equipment OEMs; conducted exhaustive research on printing press equipment technologies, snack foods end-market dynamics, and flexible packaging market/competitive dynamics; and analyzed company/market sales data on key customer accounts. Based on our findings, PE client confidently moved forward with the transaction and closed the deal. 

Case # 135

Medical Packaging Manufacturer:  Conducted 2-week market due diligence to validate target’s domestic and international growth opportunities, assess risks associated with its reliance on single source supplier, and identify potential acquisition opportunities. Interviewed packaging industry experts and medical device customers; researched DuPont’s Tyvek manufacturing processes/capacity, competing packaging material technologies, and domestic/international medical device industry demand drivers/trends; and leveraged government and industry data to develop a robust fact base, including “bottom-up” medical packaging size/growth model, International market profiles, and potential adjacent-market acquisition targets. Gotham’s findings enabled our clients to confidently move forward with their Round 2 bid.

Case # 89

$70MM Paper Products Manufacturer: Identified $2+MM in opportunity from focusing on operational basics, e.g., measurement & reporting, material and labor procedures, and production scheduling. Implemented a paper waste measurement system to identify major sources of loss and then addressed root cause issues (e.g., setup waste, end-of-roll waste, material handling waste, and in-process waste). Within 6 months, material waste more than halved (from the original 40%+ levels) and labor productivity went up 15%.

Case # 64

b>$500+MM Consumer Goods Packaging Manufacturer: Formulated plant closure strategy and determined placement for the new printing assets by analyzing capacity, loading, customer logistics, and risks for each affected plant. Developed cost saving and one time cost scenarios. Developed business cases for two plant closures identifying $6.3MM in annual savings. Both closures were announced within weeks of the board's decision after the business cases were presented.

Case # 52

Attacking The Underlying Causes Decreasing Profits At A Buyout Portfolio Specialty Printing Company: Sales Mix And Manufacturing Cost Realignment At PrintCo

Buyout Portfolio Specialty Printing Company: Investigated the underlying causes of a downturn in profitability for a $200MM+ buyout portfolio-owned specialty printing company. After identifying both a significant shift in the types of product being sold and a resulting misalignment in facility staffing levels, our team worked with the V.P. of sales, division President, and plant managers to implement changes in sales plans and plant manufacturing strategy. The manufacturing adaptations saved $2.5MM in EBITDA within the following 6 months and the deliberate shift in sales mix resulted in even greater and longer-term EBITDA improvement.

Case # 10

Specialty Printing Company: Identified $6-$12MM in purchasing, scheduling, and manufacturing savings opportunities (over 15% of total cost). Implemented client improvement team processes, developed standard operating procedures (SOPs), and implemented shop floor tracking and measurement systems.