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Case # 155

Surgical Training Products Supplier:  Defining A Niche Market And Establishing Competitive Positioning Surgical Training Products Supplier:  Conducted market and competitive analysis of a niche, information-poor market to help an investment bank develop a clear and credible narrative regarding market size, market structure, competitive dynamics, and growth opportunities for an offering memorandum. Gotham: 1) Conducted ~50 interviews of training sponsors (medical device companies, professional associations, universities) and training venues (independent labs, medical device company labs, university/teaching hospital labs); 2) Established competitive landscape by profiling major competitors (business model, size, geographic scope, certifications, training facilities, distribution centers, international presence); and 3) triangulated market size by using 3 different approaches (training venue-based, training sponsor-based, competitor-based). Gotham’s market analysis provided the solid understanding of market size/structure, buying processes, competitive landscape, and growth opportunities needed to credibly market their company as a leader in a growing market.

Case # 135

Medical Packaging Manufacturer:  Conducted 2-week market due diligence to validate target’s domestic and international growth opportunities, assess risks associated with its reliance on single source supplier, and identify potential acquisition opportunities. Interviewed packaging industry experts and medical device customers; researched DuPont’s Tyvek manufacturing processes/capacity, competing packaging material technologies, and domestic/international medical device industry demand drivers/trends; and leveraged government and industry data to develop a robust fact base, including “bottom-up” medical packaging size/growth model, International market profiles, and potential adjacent-market acquisition targets. Gotham’s findings enabled our clients to confidently move forward with their Round 2 bid.

Case # 133

$250MM Custom Plastic Extruder:  Conducted 1-week market due diligence ahead of the final bid deadline to validate growth potential in its key end-markets and assess technology risks. Analyzed the competitiveness of plastics extrusion technology vis-à-vis alternative technologies and established the market and competitive dynamics of the overall extrusion specialty products. For each of the target’s 6 core end-markets, Gotham:  (1) established growth dynamics by looking at key market indicators; (2) evaluated the target’s competitive strengths, including price, technology and material considerations, relationships with OEMs, compatibility with regulatory requirements, and geographic advantage; and (3) reviewed product and channel dynamics. Gotham’s findings enabled the client to make bid decision with confidence.

Case # 118

Regional Outpatient Physical Therapy Provider:  Conducted Customer and Market Due Diligence to develop clarity on the target’s competitive positioning, reputation among its referral base, and future growth opportunities. Interviewed 170 medical professionals, leveraged Gotham’s network of healthcare experts, analyzed government data on procedures/injuries, and built a bottom-up market size/growth model for the physical therapy market in target’s current metropolitan area, as well as in other metropolitan areas with similar socioeconomic characteristics. Armed with Gotham’s findings, PE client was able to confidently move forward with the transaction.

Case # 112

Nutritional Food Supplements Manufacturer:  Identified significant manufacturing capacity available through a variety of key throughput levers, including: reduced number and shortened length of changeovers; reduced frequency and duration of downtime; and increased speed in bottleneck equipment. In addition, identified 35% reduction in direct labor cost. Following our implementation plan, company increased EBITDA by $7MM by the end of the fiscal year and the PE firm successfully sold the company.

Case # 110

$50MM Precision Medical Device Component Manufacturer: Rapidly reduced backlog and created a robust delivery system. Backlog reduction effort included rolling out prioritized schedule, developing and implementing debottlenecking strategies, creating a cross-functional team resolving issues that were stopping scheduled jobs. Robust delivery system initiatives included: 1) turning on the planning and scheduling functionality of the ERP/cleaning up system data and parameters, developing SOPs for data entry, training the workforce on the SOP; 2) improving the accuracy of time estimates by revamping engineering process; and 3) reducing quality defects by 20%. Within 3 months, on-time performance improved from 59% to 93% while lead time shrunk from 13-16 weeks to 10 weeks, with backlog reduced in half.

Case # 109

$20MM Healthcare Services Provider: Conducted customer interviews and market research to validate company’s business model of providing outsourced services to the healthcare industry. Effort included interviewing (unsolicited) 55 current and potential customers, researching professional background requirements, regulatory environment, payer dynamics, customer willingness to outsource, and competitive landscape to establish market dynamics; and building a bottom-up market sizing model for this early-stage outsourcing market.

Case # 24

Global Pharmaceutical Company: Assessed generic competitive landscape for $2B drug, including profiling costs and lead time for generic market entry, generating likely penetration scenarios (pricing and market share), and quantifying financial impact of generic launch sequences across 7 major worldwide markets. The study resulted in creation of a re-usable proactive planning tool for modeling the effects of generic product entry into the market.