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Exit Preparation/Positioning

Case # 155

Surgical Training Products Supplier:  Defining A Niche Market And Establishing Competitive Positioning Surgical Training Products Supplier:  Conducted market and competitive analysis of a niche, information-poor market to help an investment bank develop a clear and credible narrative regarding market size, market structure, competitive dynamics, and growth opportunities for an offering memorandum. Gotham: 1) Conducted ~50 interviews of training sponsors (medical device companies, professional associations, universities) and training venues (independent labs, medical device company labs, university/teaching hospital labs); 2) Established competitive landscape by profiling major competitors (business model, size, geographic scope, certifications, training facilities, distribution centers, international presence); and 3) triangulated market size by using 3 different approaches (training venue-based, training sponsor-based, competitor-based). Gotham’s market analysis provided the solid understanding of market size/structure, buying processes, competitive landscape, and growth opportunities needed to credibly market their company as a leader in a growing market.

Case # 149

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Services Firm:  Conducted a 6-week operations assessment to turn around the company’s margin performance and position it for a successful exit in 2-3 years’ time. Analyzed historical project and employee utilization performance; developed target staffing leverage model; and created target business development model to improve efficiency of business development effort while driving profitable revenue growth. Our detailed assessment gave our client a solid understanding and roadmap of the levers to achieve the target margin performance (5-7% points growth); client requested Gotham to provide ongoing support through quarterly performance audits.

Case # 147

Specialty Electronics Component Supplier:  Built a solid fact-base of company sales, market position, and competitive dynamics by analyzing 7 years of customer sales/customer data, conducting 170 interviews and 1,900 online surveys of customers/prospects, and building a bottom-up market sizing model. Established company’s position as a niche leader using an original use-based segmentation based on customers’ component needs across the product life cycle. Developed a multi-pronged growth strategy to achieve 14% CAGR growth (vs. 6% overall market growth) by leveraging company’s end-market presence and In Operations segment strength. Gotham also analyzed the impact of pricing on volume and established end-market mix, not pricing, was the driver of recent decreasing flagship catalog brand sales volume. Gotham’s work allowed management to position the company as a niche leader and to begin implementing a credible growth strategy to prepare for a successful eventual exit.

Case # 139

Consumer Electronic Device Provider:  Established feasibility of multi-brand strategy to support a transformative add-on acquisition, created company’s domestic and international growth strategy to position the company for a successful exit in 18-24 months, and developed an actionable strategic plan.  Effort included:  interviewing 160+ government officials, competitors, consumer/influencers, and other industry participants; researching market, competitive, and regulatory dynamics; building robust state-by-state market size/growth and cannibalization models; and developing multi-brand, Canada entry, and product line expansion strategies. Gotham’s assessment and recommendations allowed the client to move forward with the add-on acquisition and enter Canada, as well as start executing near-term aspects of growth plans to set stage for exit.

Case # 132

Entrepreneurial Specialty Online Sporting Goods Retailer:  Conduct a 2-week market study to establish product and user profiles, market drivers and trends, competitive landscape, and channel dynamics, as well as to build a market size model establishing historical and projected market growth rates. Gotham undertook a bottom-up approach to analyze this niche market with no available market data, including: extensive secondary research; ~50 interviews with retail stores and industry experts; consumer surveys; and creation of 3 market sizing models. By enabling the client’s offering materials to show attractive growth prospects, the company was sold to a private buyer at an attractive valuation.

Case # 131

$1B Automotive Parts Distributor:  Built solid fact base of market and competitive dynamics in the outsourced automotive service in order to pin down the growth opportunity in this segment. Analyzed key industry data, interviewed 100+ independent service centers, assessed competitive landscape, and modeled economics to establish market attractiveness and growth potential, including key demand drivers/trends, business synergies/risks, competitive positioning, and size/profitability of future network. Gotham’s exit preparation and positioning allowed the company and its investors to paint a clear picture of the source of the next leg of growth and sell the company at a rich valuation.

Case # 111

$1B+ Manufacturer And Distributor Of Building Products:  Built model to establish potential number of locations based on addressable market, growth potential, and competition in each of 361 U.S. MSAs. Identified and prioritized 200 additional retail locations for expansion.

Case # 104

$150MM Beverage Manufacturer: Turned around plant performance by implementing basic plant operating system (downtime, waste, and scheduling). $600K in run rate cost savings captured by the end of the 6-week engagement, with tools and processes in place to capture the rest. Building on the initial success, rolled out the network-wide standard operating procedures to the other 2 plants during an 8-week Phase II effort with additional savings of $2-2.5MM expected. Company generating record EBITDA (60+% improvement in EBITDA) and the PE firm decided to market the company for an exit.

Case # 59

Private Equity Owned National Seafood Company: Conducted a diagnostic to reduce distribution costs as a part of an effort to integrate the distribution systems of two companies by identifying and sizing cost levers with savings benefits (quick hits, process changes, and cultural changes). Targeted cost savings of $1.5 to 2MM on a base of $7MM, of which $1MM are estimated to be achieved by quick hits alone.

Case # 35

Helping A National Fresh Foods Company Sell Itself

North American Fresh Foods Company: Led business development and evaluation efforts for entry into a new market, including market sizing, industry analysis, supply chain design, and financial modeling. Created operations strategy and execution plan based on exploiting existing market power, distribution capabilities, and proprietary technology. Seperately, led M&A synergy assessment involving several potential acquirers. Client company was sold within 6 months and the new business was launched.

Case # 27

North American Frozen Mexican Food Manufacturer: Constructed methodology and models to view profitability by customer, product, and channel. Results led new management to refocus product development/growth strategy on profitable products. Management succeeded in doubling revenue of profitable products and private equity owners sold firm to a strategic buyer in 3 years for a 26% compound annual return on investment.