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Case # 157

Municipal/Utility Wastewater Infrastructure Inspection, Cleaning, and Repair Services:  Conducted 4-week customer and market due diligence to:  (1) establish municipal budget outlook; (2) establish market size and growth outlook for wastewater infrastructure services;  and (3) understand the target’s competitive positioning. The effort included:  124 interviews with municipal and utility officials; in-depth research of environmental regulations; top-down/bottom-up municipal budget analysis; and creation of 3 bottom-up marketing sizing models. Gotham’s comprehensive, fact-based approach verified that the target’s aggressive growth plans were realistic and the target had established a strong reputation with its customers. This allowed our PE client to gain confidence in the target’s ability to meet its revenue plan and move forward with the acquisition.      

Case # 156

Oil & Gas Aftermarket Parts Supplier:  Conducted focused customer due diligence to gain critical customer insights from major drillers regarding purchasing processes, competitive positioning, and market trends. Gotham conducted 31 anonymous interviews with personnel at rig sites, maintenance yards, and corporate headquarters of on-shore and off-shore drilling companies to:  1) identify selection criteria and determine whether purchasing decisions are made at the drill site or at corporate; 2) establish the target’s strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis key competitors; and 3) understand market risks and opportunities in light of low oil prices and technological changes. Gotham’s deep customer insights and first-hand customer account of market trends allowed our PE client to submit a well-informed bid.     

Case # 143

Electric Utility Outsourced Services Company:  Conducted 4-week phased customer & market due diligence to evaluate revenue and margin sustainability risk vis-à-vis the target’s core business and assess geographic expansion opportunities required to create a super-regional player. Developed bottom-up CapEx and Operations & Maintenance spend model of 25 key utilities, including 10-year projections; interviewed 30+ key stakeholders at the target’s top customers and potential customers; conducted detailed analysis of the target’s jobs database and forecast; and conducted extensive primary and secondary research. Based on Gotham’s findings, our PE client significantly revised down their bid and was able to secure the target at a more favorable valuation, with a top-level expansion strategy in-hand.

Case # 142

Upstream Oil & Gas Protective Solutions Provider:  Conducted 4-week customer & market due diligence to:  (1) establish outlook for North America oil & gas drilling; (2) estimate market size and growth for new and reconditioned protective products; and (3) evaluate target’s competitive positioning. For this effort, Gotham interviewed 150+ customers and competitors, leveraged our proprietary industry knowledge base, performed extensive primary and secondary research to pin down oil & gas drilling dynamics, and developed a detailed bottom-up model for market sizing and growth. As a result of Gotham’s findings, our client confidently pursued and closed the transaction.

Case # 130

$200MM Fluid Power Equipment Repair & Remanufacturing Company:  Conducted customer & market due diligence to validate adjacent market growth opportunities, including offshore oil & gas, forestry, marine, and civil infrastructure and other end-markets under consideration. Interviewed 150+ competitors, customers, prime contractors, and other key value chain participants, researched complex technical requirements, and leveraged government and industry data to develop a robust fact base, including size/growth models for each end-market, geographic gap analysis, and profiles of key competitors/potential acquisition targets. Based on Gotham’s findings and recommended expansion strategy, PE client closed the deal and is pursuing an acquisition to fill a key geographic gap.

Case # 108

$35MM Flow Controls Products Distributor Serving The Oil & Gas Industry:  Developed growth strategy and identified levers to triple revenue in 3-5 years. Developed detailed prioritized plans to implement the new strategy. Created sales force effectiveness plan to professionalize inside sales and develop outside sales force.

Case # 82

$120MM PE-Owned Energy Services Provider: Conducted customer interviews and market research to validate company’s business model of providing outsourced services to the energy industry. Effort included interviewing (unsolicited) 84 current and potential customers, researching 5 product families and 7 industry sectors to establish service requirements, and building bottom-up market sizing model for this early stage outsourcing market. PE client ($9+B under management) purchased the company and able to increase the top-line by 50% within the first year.