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Case # 153

Off-Road Vehicle Aftermarket Parts Supplier:  Conducted customer & market due diligence to establish the aftermarket parts market size/growth for key end-markets, identify potential threats from OEMs/distributors, and understand the eCommerce growth opportunity in an information-poor market:  1) conducted over 200 interviews with decision-makers at major OEMs, distributors, dealers, repair centers, and retailers; 2) established off-road vehicle aftermarket part market size/growth; 3) quantified channel-specific market trends by analyzing the target’s sales by distribution channel at the SKU level; and 4) established the competitive landscape at each step of the value chain by profiling major OEMs and distributors in the powersports, agriculture, and lawn and garden markets. Gotham’s intensive primary research and analytical effort provided a nuanced understanding of the market outlook and clarified threats/opportunities, thus allowing the client to make a well informed bid in a highly competitive auction.    

Case # 139

Consumer Electronic Device Provider:  Established feasibility of multi-brand strategy to support a transformative add-on acquisition, created company’s domestic and international growth strategy to position the company for a successful exit in 18-24 months, and developed an actionable strategic plan.  Effort included:  interviewing 160+ government officials, competitors, consumer/influencers, and other industry participants; researching market, competitive, and regulatory dynamics; building robust state-by-state market size/growth and cannibalization models; and developing multi-brand, Canada entry, and product line expansion strategies. Gotham’s assessment and recommendations allowed the client to move forward with the add-on acquisition and enter Canada, as well as start executing near-term aspects of growth plans to set stage for exit.

Case # 131

$1B Automotive Parts Distributor:  Built solid fact base of market and competitive dynamics in the outsourced automotive service in order to pin down the growth opportunity in this segment. Analyzed key industry data, interviewed 100+ independent service centers, assessed competitive landscape, and modeled economics to establish market attractiveness and growth potential, including key demand drivers/trends, business synergies/risks, competitive positioning, and size/profitability of future network. Gotham’s exit preparation and positioning allowed the company and its investors to paint a clear picture of the source of the next leg of growth and sell the company at a rich valuation.

Case # 127

$1B Distributor Of Trucking Products:  Conducted Market Due Diligence to evaluate the economic attractiveness of client’s geographic expansion plan for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. For each state:  Gotham profiled its economy; identified sector-specific trends and drivers; established state business and regulatory environment; built a robust forecast model of industry-sector-specific GDP and employment; established the relationship between economic activity and the trucking sector; analyzed the historical flow of commodities by transport mode, inbound/outbound destination, and type of product moved; and built model-based forecast of sector-specific trucking activity over the next 5 years. Gotham’s validation of the macro-economic prospects of the 3 states gave the client confidence to pursue its plan. 

Case # 113

$700MM Distributor Of Trucking Products:  Conducted market research and economic assessment of the state of Michigan to validate the geographic market entry strategy of a leading distributor of trucking products evaluating a $30MM add-on acquisition.  Effort included a robust profile of the state’s economy, including a 5-year industry-level projection/modeling of state GDP and employment, and a detailed analysis of the state’s business and regulatory environment.  Client proceeded with acquisition based on projected near-term growth estimates.

Case # 103

$50MM Custom Machine Tools Designer And Manufacturer: Conducted 4-week diagnostic to understand drivers of ongoing margin erosion (~10% point gap between quoted margin vs. realized margin) that identified $1.7-2.7MM in quick-win cost savings opportunities in 3 key areas: robust, cross-functional quoting and engineering processes with formal involvement of engineering in the quoting process and proactive management of hours/scope in the engineering process; material spend reduction by implementing cost-focused (vs. “get the parts in”) purchasing process/tools, renegotiating/ establishing contracts with key vendors, and standardizing parts to leverage volume; and selective migration of engineering to India, starting with detailed engineering and phasing in higher skill activities. Execution assistance included: creating vendor negotiation strategy and vendor packages for top vendors (6-20% savings already realized); crafting quoting and engineering process end-vision; and developing a detailed capture plan with timeline for all targeted savings.

Case # 87

$250MM Global Automotive Components Manufacturer: Conducted opportunity assessment at Tier 2 Automotive Parts supplier with manufacturing locations in 4 countries. Identified $6-9MM in short-term and $27-37MM in longer-term cost reduction opportunities. Near-term opportunities included improving efficiency of US operations and re-sourcing materials and components from lower cost locations. Longer-term opportunities involved closing a European facility, migrating labor-intensive products from the US to Mexico facility, and building up a Chinese JV to supply all Asia product needs. Identified opportunities far exceeded management plan.

Case # 34

Tier 1 North American Automotive Fuel Tank Supplier: Eliminated 60% of process steps and reduced process cycle time by 40% by changing the organizational culture to focus on business objectives, synchronizing the supply chain, and redesigning processes to minimize hand-off and eliminate non- value-added work. Implementation resulted in $15MM in annual savings.

Case # 12

Study And Improvement Of Manufacturing Basics: Helping CarCo Boost Engine Plant Productivity By 36% Through Scheduling, Layout, And Product Strategy

Big 3 Automotive Company: Increased overall profitability by improving productivity by 36% at the bottleneck engine plant which was later named the most productive plant in the Harbour Report. Implemented a new scheduling system, flow-balanced the bottleneck line, and developed a strategy for product standardization and consistent material handling. $400MM in additional profit realization was enabled.

Case # 7

Top-Tier Automotive Supplier: Developed a product development strategy that enabling affordable business structure and increase competitiveness. Created a balanced set of in-process, predictive performance metrics and a design structure matrix which enabled the development process to handle changes more efficiently and to minimize iteration loops. Project resulted in a proactive, cost- effective ability to ensure high quality product, reduced resource requirements, and an affordable, more competitive product development cost structure.