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Career Growth

Multi-faceted skill development and tremendous growth opportunity in an entrepreneurial setting

We place a significant emphasis on providing an environment for learning and growth via formal training on core consulting skills, our mentorship program, and on-the-job exposure. We ensure that each of our professionals starts on the right foundation and builds skills thereafter. With each new level of requisite skills comes a new level of responsibility and roles – there is no limit to your growth at Gotham.

We foster strong analytical, communication, and leadership skills, and our consultants learn by directly interacting with partners and individuals who have risen to the top of their respective fields. Gotham professionals build trust and performance-based relationships, both internal and external to the firm, and develop core competencies in strategy, operations, and finance.

The skills that each of our professionals accrue are among the most lasting benefits of a Gotham career. By working with private equity portfolio companies, Gotham consultants gain exposure to fundamental management issues and challenges. These dynamic companies have a change-mindset and are looking to maximize their operating performance. Over the years, our consultants have learned invaluable management skills, which have served our alumnae well in subsequent private equity, industry, and business school environments.