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We take a pragmatic approach to growth that is fully informed by market and company realities, a hands-on and fact-based approach to change, and are focused on achieving lasting financial results to maximize returns for our clients upon exit. Understanding that business strategy must be communicated, understood, and acted against at all levels of organizations, Gotham's professionals often spend time on the operating floor and boardroom during the same workday. Furthermore, we persist until improved financial performance is underway and set up to continue in our client's businesses. We do whatever it takes – whatever that be helping senior management firm up and communicate their strategy up, down, and across the organization, monitoring all shifts of an operation, riding alongside distribution personnel in their daily activities – to understand, synthesize and launch the right path moving forward for our clients.

Our proven approach begins with the rapid creation of a robust fact base to identify opportunities and support decision-making. Once we have established a solid understanding of current business performance and key contributing drivers, we focus on the design and execution of low- or no-capital enhancements that deliver rapid, significant financial performance improvements without compromising core capabilities. Building off the learnings and momentum of these early initiatives/"quick-hits", we then tackle those challenges that require greater investment, organizational change, and people resources but also deliver bigger results. We validate and justify all of our recommendations with detailed, analytically-derived facts and work closely with management to craft a customized execution plan to ensure successful capture of opportunities in a rapid timeframe. We also assist management in developing the strategy to leverage elevated and expanded capabilities to gain competitive advantage into the future.